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PuzzleFlow at Graph Expo 2010 in Chicago
Warsaw, 14.09.2010
PuzzleFlow Solutions USA, offering highly advanced workflow solutions built around ACCHSH PDF technology, will be among more than 500 exhibitors at the Graph Expo show held in Chicago from 3 to 6 of October, 2010. PuzzleFlow Solutions USA, having its first booth at this prestigious trade fair, will focus on two solutions: the latest version of the PuzzleFlow WebPairer system – devoted to newspaper publishers and printers, and PuzzleFlow InkSaver – software allowing for substantial savings in printing ink or toner usage. PuzzleFlow Solutions USA, showing its solutions at Booth No. 1376, will also be offering a free, online three week trial of PuzzleFlow InkSaver.

“Graph Expo is one of the most important events for the North American market so it was obvious that our American partner, responsible for this region and for developing newspaper solutions, will be there”, explains Andrzej Czyz, CEO of ACCHSH. PuzzleFlow Solutions USA, being a franchiser of the PuzzleFlow technology created by the Polish-based ACCHSH company, uses it as the foundation of advanced solutions devoted mainly to newspaper customers but crossing over into commercial printing with their InkSaver product. "PuzzleFlow Solutions USA is growing has hired five software specialists involved in creating, enhancing and supporting PuzzleFlow solutions”, adds Andrzej Czyz.

During the show PuzzleFlow Solutions USA will focus on promoting two products. The first is the latest version of PuzzleFlow WebPairer – this world-class, PDF page-pairing workflow delivers all the capability expected of an advanced newspaper production system. Among its new functions and enhancements are: 1-bit PDF input, improved web growth interface, standardized renamers, user permission templates, E-edition PDF output format, an updated PuzzleFlow Express Client (supporting OSX 10.6.4) and improvements in speed.

Recently PuzzleFlow Solutions USA has signed several spectacular contracts for the implementation of the PuzzleFlow WebPairer system. During the last two months five American-based newspaper publishers from different states decided to invest in PuzzleFlow Solutions USA systems: The Villages Daily Sun (Florida), The Aberdeen American News (Southern Dakota), The Somerset Daily American (Pennsylvania), The Pioneer of Big Rapids (Michigan) and CNHI’s Valdosta Daily Times (Georgia).

Also, in cooperation with Terem company (an ACCHSH distributor in Russia) five PuzzleFlow systems were implemented by PuzzleFlow Solutions USA in newspaper publishing houses from Nizhniy Novgorod, Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

The other main product promoted at PuzzleFlow Solutions USA’s booth will be PuzzleFlow InkSaver, an automated system enabling a 25-30% reduction of ink or toner usage while maintaining or improving printing quality. Recently PuzzleFlow Solutions USA has introduced free, 3-week online trial version of this software – the trial is available on a dedicated website http://inksaver.puzzleflow.us. Says Andrzej Czyz: “According to our knowledge it’s the only, unlimited, free online trial of its kind allowing users send live job files to the InkSaver Online Trial and retrieve usable files, with ink savings applied, ready to run on press. We kindly invite all printers to visit the InkSaver Online Trial web page. And stop by the PuzzleFlow Solution USA’s booth during the Chicago Graph Expo where you will be able to learn about our North American partner.”

It’s worth mentioning that recently PuzzleFlow Solutions USA has become a preferred supplier for PAGE Cooperative, the association gathering all important vendors of technology and solutions devoted for newspaper production in the US market.


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